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What you save in time, you win in taste

Matkomfort was born out of the idea that everyone should be allowed to eat really good well-prepared food on weekdays without having to spend hours in the kitchen. By letting our chefs cook all the sauces, funds and stew bases from scratch. You get more time for other activities and even tastier dinners! Cooking is a craft and we make sure the food tastes delicious before the refrigerated truck comes to pick up the grocery bags and delivers it to you.

Since we started in Stockholm in 2008, we have had the honour of helping thousands of households to eat tastier, healthier and better. Now ten years later we deliver to large parts of Mälardalen and can help more people than ever with everyday food. Welcome you too!

Henrik Isaksson, chef and founder of Matkomfort

What we do

Brennwalds leads the board work and contributes to the development of management work and actively contribute to the governance of the company's strategic issues. 

Brennwalds AB

What we do

Brennwald's are people who are and have been through a career where knowledge has been built on having done work that is who we go in and do. We have a solid strategic and operational knowledge where we can enter the engine room and know what is going to be implemented where we can also explain to the managements and ceo what is going to make it all work. We have worked in the largest international, national companies and had different roles and this gives us a strength in this work to produce results. We usually say we have Swiss precision. 

"We have a solid strategic and operational knowledge where we can enter the engine room and know what is going to be implemented"

How we work/results

Brennwald's is always based on the customer's possibilities where the desire to succeed becomes the energy of the project.

1. Cost efficiency

Too many Projects where external business development is applied will not be what the customer wanted and therefore it will be a costly process where the company cannot apply the effort when it is finished.

2. Honesty

We are very clear about what needs to be done when brennwald's is asked and where we see that the will is greater than the premise then we say so.