About Brennwalds

Brennwalds AB

What do we do?

Brennwald's work with business development and board work based on the customer's conditions with a clear focus on results.

In short, we build better operations through tailored, performance-driven action plans at both operational level as well as from board level.

A selection of the actions we have taken in recent years:
– Create, refine and execute growth plans.
– Counteract competition.
– Address profitability challenges.
– Create beneficial cost structures.
– Holistic organizational development for a better and broader competence.
- Organization review with pressure testing for key functions

"With solid strategic and operational knowledge, Brennwalds can enter the engine room and know what to implement, when & how."

Brennwalds AB

We improve operations

Brennwalds consists of decades of experience & knowledge, collected from individuals from several different industries, businesses and roles who together become a team. What unites us is a result-driven nature and a love for building & improving businesses.

Our team has experience from small local startups, to C-suite level at international companies. Our advantage lies in our breadth and our drive stems from a love of entrepreneurship.

  • Unique competence.
  • Real experience
  • Customized, business-adapted solutions & measures.

And we stand for:

1. Cost-effectiveness

We know from experience as a client that too many projects where external business development is brought in will not be what the customer wanted, and therefore turn into a costly process where the company cannot apply the stake when it is finished.

2. Honesty

Clarity & transparency about what needs to be done when we get the question is very important to us. 

Throughout the work you can expect total transparency and clarity, always for the good of the business.

The result of what we do

Brennwalds sets clear goals that everyone in the business understands. It is based on goals that can be achieved and improves the platform that the entire project contributes to creating.

All the projects that we have entered into, and will enter into forward, see the result in the profit and loss account for the year and in the organization's commitment. 

Among other things, we have worked with:

Matkomfort is a privately owned company that has developed very strongly over about 10 years as a dinner solution in Stockholm and the surrounding area.

Ilse Jacobsen is a company in the fashion industry that is one of the most famous Danish fashion companies.

In a network environment, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce helps companies enter the Swedish market, runs events and creates added value for member companies.

FarmersLink is exactly what it sounds like: a direct link between you and Swedish farmers, fishermen or others who have locally produced raw materials and products to sell.